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Lorna Raines

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07/26/08 12:07 AM #1    

Larry Bralley

June 1, 1992 was the date of Lorna's death. While I remember the year well, I looked up the month and day. Lorna was one of the few and the very last person I dated my senior year. She was a 32 year old mother of three boys. Lorna was robbed while dropping off a night deposit for the store where she worked. She was taken out on a back road where her life was ended. It angers me that someone could do that to an innocent person, especially for maybe just a couple hundred dollars or even less. I recently read in some archives that her killers were starting a gang. Lorna was the best person that I had ever met. It is unfair for her not to be enjoying the things we take for granted. She had wonderful parents. I really loved them. I felt that they liked me also. I believe her daddy has passed away now. I would love to visit her mom and tell her how much I thought of her and Mr. Raines. I told Lorna "I love you" one night. We were at 6th street park. She seemed amused, but I meant it. Lorna was only the second girl I had said that to. We went wading at Dismal one time. That was the only time I have ever been. Whenever I was quiet she would say "A penny for your thoughts". Lorna was the highlight of all my school years. Unforgettable. And... yes, I love to relive the past...if only in my mind.
Larry B.

08/07/08 04:49 PM #2    

Susan Henley (Paris)

I was doing my internship with the Pulaski County School System,in order to graduate from College. I was at Clairmont one day and was asked to treat this small little boy who needed Occupational Therapy. However before they would allow me to treat him I was asked to review his history. While I breezed thru his chart I began to realize just exactly WHO his momma was. It was Lorna! Not only was I shocked but I was just hurting so badly for this little boy. His father was having so much trouble adjusting to what had happened to not only his wife but to the children that had lost their mom. Lorna was a wonderful person. Her son needed a lot of time and prayers and after I left I have often wondered how he was or if he is still living. He was a precious child. Actually he was my "pet" so to speak and we bonded very well together.

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