In Memory

Brad Farmer

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07/28/08 09:53 PM #1    

Larry Bralley

I believe it was early spring...I was at Pizza Hut on a Friday or Saturday night...the news came of the terrible accident which took Brad's life. Those words still remain as fresh, and as shocking in my mind as they were thirty years ago. "Brad Farmer died". (unbelievable! a dream!) I had Auto Mech. with Brad. Though some didn't like him; I did. Brad (as I was told...I don't know first hand) had a very rough childhood which may have attributed to some of his actions. Regardless of that, Brad had a lot of good in him. I liked him. We had Auto-Mechanics together 3 hours a day for 2 years. We had a lot of fun riding around acting crazy.
Larry Bralley

08/08/08 10:13 AM #2    

Terry Meade

Brad and I were best friends in grade school, he lived on Alumspring Road – oddly enough in a home that Kathy Spicer and her family would eventually move to. Brad was very artistic, like his Mom, and very intelligent. I remember his bedroom was in the basement and the walls were covered in posters and artwork that he or his Mom had done. This was towards the end of the hippy era and Brad had several black lights and strobe lights – I just thought he was the coolest person in the world! Brad was a free spirit and a free thinker. After his parents divorced he moved to Pulaski with his father and younger brother, Byron. Across the street from the Pulaski Post Office was a coffee shop where all the cool people hung out. I was forbidden to go near the place but one evening we went – I was so nervous that I would get caught, I guess we were around 12-years-old. I remember Brad visited our house once and my Mom had made homemade biscuits and Brad ate until I thought he was going to be sick. From then on every time he saw me he would mention those biscuits. In high school we grew apart and like everyone else I was saddened to learn of his passing. Oddly enough his younger brother, Byron, would die as a result of a motorcycle accident a few years later.

12/11/09 11:02 PM #3    

Nelson Wert

I will always rember brad,he was so crazy i can here him still calling me wert he always called me by my last name.he was my neighbor and friend.we joined boyscouts i rember we had to get enisheted befor we could join we was a lot younger then they were it was winter time those bigboys was going to tare brad +meup with snowballs,they found out different brad said wert u go over there ill go over here + will messem up + we did we would run to the meeting from newbern rd all the way to jefferson av.without stoping and laughing and hollorin at people i rember he was so scard of my driving he would say slow down wert your going to kill us,ant that something.that was the only thing i ever seen him scard of he would hold on on every curve i rember we were all at claremont school brad got the car said they were going to party thats the last time i seen him he wrecked that night,he was one great artist and a very crazy friend to have rest in peace bubba

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