In Memory

Matt Beck

Beck, Matthew O’Dell 06/12/1960 07/01/1996

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08/10/08 09:36 PM #4    

Tom Farmer

Mike, your comments about singing Christmas carols jogged a vague memory for me. I remember in senior year that we had an English class with Matt that I think was taught by Ms. Steele. Anyway, Matt talked her into thinking that we needed a Christmas tree for the classroom and the English pod. She thought it was a great idea and Wayne Ondich said that we could get as many trees as we wanted on his farm somewhere near the lake. Somehow Matt talked her into letting the four of us go to get some trees and we did!

If my memory serves me correctly, as we were coming back with trees down a narrow gravel road, a Ford Bronco came out of the middle of nowhere and was out of control. Matt was driving and swerved, but the bumper of the other vehicle hit us and pushed us into a ditch. We got out and our truck was fine. The driver of the other car stopped and was a stunningly attractive 30 year old woman wearing knee high suede boots. Matt talked to her for a few minutes while we pushed our truck out of the ditch. We then returned back to school full of Christmas cheer, singing carols, dragging in three or four Christmas trees. Whenever we were with Matt we knew that something interesting would happen and that Matt would make it turn out okay.

08/25/08 06:57 PM #5    

Jennifer Boult (Tolliver)

From 4th grade on, Matt always got seated in front of me when our teacher's assigned us Boy/Girl in alphabetical order. I knew the back of his head like the back of my hand! Alot of my fun childhood memories include him. I will miss seeing him at the reunion...

08/27/08 10:07 PM #6    

David Stafford

I lived a few hundred yards from Matt and we had some good times together as part of the Twin Oaks - Newbern Road gang. I have a vague memory like Terry's about the police officer, the name and the lecture. I'll miss seeing Matt at the reunion.

12/01/08 08:58 AM #7    

Craig Lester

Matt was probably my closest friend my junior and senior years. We did a lot of running around together on the weekends. I remember he got a fake ID and was bold enough to use it! He used it alot. Didn't see him much after high school.

I'll never forget him. Rest in peace my friend.

12/04/08 07:16 AM #8    

James Rupe

Matt was a real good friend he liked to have a good time to joke and carry on,i have read all the comments about him and they are Matt 100 percent.Matt like to speak in a irish accent every time he would see me thats how we would greet each other we even got brad opincar in on it.The last thing we would do each morning before we went to class Matt Brad and me would gather under the clock next to the locker banks and sing when irish eyes are smilling in a irish accent,man the things you can remember.I lost track of him after school but i will never forget him so old buddy this ones for you (when irish eyes are smilling you can here the angles sing).James Rupe

04/20/09 07:26 PM #9    

Rick Eaton

I had known Matt for years. Too many stories to tell about Matt. I thing you could always count on Matt being a good friend and having fun out of even a bad situation. I remember the time in 9th grade when we were at a football game and was cheering for the other team, because of the conflict of the old Dublin football coach Dave Brown being our coach instead of Hickam, and this lady turned around and started chewing us out and Matt said something to her and she threw her coffee on us. It turned out to be Dave Brown's wife. Matt was always getting us into things we shouldn't have been. Matt you will always be missed.

10/12/09 04:32 PM #10    

James Rupe

well Rick you just brought back a memory, i remember someone telling me that happened.We were dressed out for football practice,and going to the practice field when Matt stops me and starts some of his Matt crazyness about what i cant remember anyway we laughed and punched each other, i walked about 10 steps and ran into coach Brown and he asks me, do you know that young man? Like a dummy i said yes sir i do.For the next two weeks he was in my back pocket, and giving me h--- and running my butt off. but i did not know that Matt had said this to his wife untill after he ran me to death.I caught Matt in the hall one day and ask him about what he had done, he laughed and said yeah man it was funny you should have seen her face man it was funny,oh i dont think you should tell coach brown you know me i think he got pretty mad.I told him what had happened and he fell in the floor laughing and he says well i told you not to tell him you knew me.Thanks Matt thanks alot.You NUT BALL YOU! Matt i still think about some of the things we got into its a real nice place to go when life kicks me in the ----.thanks for the memories ole buddy, James Rupe

06/18/11 08:58 PM #11    

Craig Lester

Thinking about Matt today. Sure miss him.

11/20/15 05:15 PM #12    

Craig Lester

Miss you Matt! :(

05/04/18 08:15 PM #13    

Craig Lester

Miss you buddy. I remember all those great times. 

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